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Permanent Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth

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Restore Your Smile with High-Quality Dental Implants

At Burki Dental, we understand the impact of missing teeth on your oral health, appearance, and confidence. Dental implants are an ideal solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile. Our dental implant specialists in Karachi provide advanced dental implant treatments tailored to your unique needs.

Key Benefits of Dental Implants:

Dental implants are designed to closely mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth, giving you a confident and beautiful smile.

Unlike removable dentures or bridges, dental implants provide a long-lasting and stable solution that becomes a part of your jawbone.

Dental implants help preserve the integrity of your jawbone and adjacent teeth, preventing bone loss and maintaining overall oral health.

With dental implants, you can enjoy unrestricted eating and speaking, as they provide a strong and secure bite.

Dental implants give you the freedom to smile, speak, and laugh without worrying about gaps or missing teeth, boosting your self-esteem.

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Halima K


Gotten my clear path aligner treatment and scaling done from Dr.Faiqa Adil. And I have gotten the unbelievably nice treatment. Very good environment with Exceptionally well results. She’s really good and highly recommended.

Bismah Munaf


We had gone to Dr Faiqa Adil last week to get my sons filling done. For past couple of months I had multiple visits at the dentist and my child would never comply and get the procedure done but with Dr. Faiqa he didn’t only get the filling done but also agreed to visit her again. She was super patient with my child and had explained us the procedure in detail.
Now she is my all to go dentist for my children 🙂 .

Najiullah Habib


Dr. Waqas was very good and patient with my child. Highly recommended!

Still Have Questions?

Find answers to commonly asked questions about dental implants.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of biocompatible materials that are surgically placed into the jawbone. They provide a strong foundation for dental restorations, such as crowns or bridges, to replace missing teeth.

With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime. They are designed to be a long-term solution for tooth replacement, offering durability and stability.

The dental implant procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free experience. After the procedure, any discomfort can be managed with prescribed pain medication.

Yes, We can replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. They can support individual crowns, implant-supported bridges, or even full-arch dentures.

The cost of dental implants can vary depending on factors such as the number of implants needed, any additional procedures required, and the type of restoration chosen. We offer competitive pricing and can provide a personalized cost estimate during your consultation.

The duration of the dental implant process can vary from patient to patient. It typically involves multiple stages, including implant placement, healing, and restoration. On average, the process can take a few months to complete.

Dental implants offer several advantages over traditional dentures or bridges. They provide a more stable and secure tooth replacement option, promote jawbone health, and closely resemble natural teeth in both appearance and function.

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